Sunday, August 2, 2009

Welcome to Our Premium Organic Soaps!

Cyleina sets the standard of ORGANIC soaps in local production and distribution. Cyleina only uses the finest and most natural ingredients that we could possibly find in the creation of these healthy soaps and we make sure that the quality is always the best for your skin! Cyleina soaps are free of paraben preservatives and soap hardeners.We utilize whole or organic herbs,organic jasmine rice, aromatherapygrade pure essential oils and exotic nut and fruit oils such as organic rice bran, and grapeseed or rich, nourishing butters such as organic shea, organic cocoa and honey, which add vital moisturizing properties to the characteristically creamy, luxurious lather of our organic soaps.

This explains why your skin just feels amazing after each use. Cyleina assures you that you always feel that way because CYLEINA IS SKIN CONFIDENCE!

Choose your soaps today and enjoy the experience!